Annie John or any girl !!!!

Annie John,  journey of a girl from her childhood to  young adulthood. It is indeed a story of a young girl going through various phases of growing years. Jamaica Kincaid has immortalized a universal girl experience  and I for that matter could easily relate to her.

The most amiable part of the book is the mother-daughter bonding in the initial section. It  gives a general feel good and most of us are like that with our parents during pre-teen years. What makes it all the more special is the expression and emotional tone at times. About mother’s love she writes, “How terrible it must be for all people who had no on to love them so and no one whom they loved so”.  This mother-child bonding is something one can easily feel one with.

As life is never the same and it is on going movement of waves. One wave is never like the other and so does one phase is never like the other. Most parents face this dilemma when their little girl or boy grows into a young woman/man. Here we don’t come across that side but it is girl’s side of story. Her experience of growing up.

The transition and torment of coming to terms with the reality makes us what we are. No doubt, for some the change in the mother-daughter relationship comes as a surprise. Rather it was rightly said “we think our fathers fools as wise we grow”. Annie was no less than any other girl because her growing up made her feel wiser than her mother. Somewhere  down the line all of us had the worst of arguments with our mothers during our teenage. Basically, this one realization of being different and wiser makes it more important for us  to move out of the shell.

Though  Annie John seems like a unique girl living a life of her own but as we get closer she seems to be so much like any other girl going through the same experiences of growing up.


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