Grandparents and grandchildren bond

A mere thought of grandparents takes us back on the memory lane and we are mesmerized by the time spent with them. There are many who might not agree to this. But I for that matter belong to group of those who are labeled as grandparent lovers.
To a great extent what I am today is what I have been brought up with. Everything I have experienced till now is sum total of me. When I look back to all those formative years of my upbringing then I see them always there. Grandparents have been a continuous source of inspiration and a pillar of strength for me. The little lessons yet important for life I have learned from my first teachers.
People might have heard too often that patience and perseverance are key to success. They were the living examples of the two P’s. Patience they had when they dealt with me and my endless questions. It was not only that but I also wanted them to help me with my daily chores. All this sometimes used to take hours and I never saw them getting impatient anywhere.
Perseverance I learned through their daily acts of kindness. At an old age despite the health issues they remained dependent on themselves. During the last days of their life they had a will to move on and be on their own. A very disciplined approach to their dietary needs. Never I saw them indulging in anything that is not good for their health. Grandfathers could work hours on restoring a cracked or broken piece of art. Amazing when the work was finished then you could never find out any trace of crack or damage. It used to look as good as new.
One activity of the day which I loved most was feeding the birdies. No matter what happens there is always a time fixed in the morning as well as evening. Come whatever may my grandfather would never miss the feast for birds. Each day I was fed on stories of achievements of the girls around the world. Being a girl was a privilege and not a curse. This important thing I learned quiet early and till date I feel proud of being what I am.
Despite my background and belonging to a small humdrum city I thought differently without realizing the seeds were sown long time back and today what is me is what they nurtured and sustained. All I could feel is being fortunate to have that bond and for that I will always be gracious to God.

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