Revolution 2011: Awakening of the Arab World

2011 marked as the beginning of not yet another year rather a year no less than 1968 and 1989 leading towards making of history. It is a year of unprecedented events in Arab world. In this part of the world many countries are predominantly ruled by authoritarian regimes. It is like waking up from a deep slumber. Perhaps, it is a curious case to note: nothing could stand in front of people power. If push comes to shove and things go from bad to worse then anything is possible.
Around the world people have witnessed that the spark initiated in a small country like Tunisia has ignited the flame of freedom sweeping across most of the Arab world. These are the countries with decades of autocratic rule where masses had no say in any matters of public governance. Tunisia faced a mass uprising against their former President Ben Ali as an outcome he has to flee the country. Tunisian example was soon followed by Egypt and some other countries. After dilly-dallying and inciting clashes between Pro-President and Anti-President protesters former Egyptian President Hosni Mubbarrak also resigned. Until the elections both Tunisia and Egypt will be ruled by their respective interim governments.
The modern revolutions have been brought about with the help of new media tools like ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’. Facebook played a decisive role in spreading the idea among the masses. People in Egypt thanked facebook for the success of the revolution and one man even named his daughter facebook. In Egypt more than 20 % of the population have access to internet which paved way for easier exchange of ideas.
Another interesting aspect of this revolution is that it is the revolution of young generation as majority of the population in these countries is young and around 50% are unemployed. Despite all the hurdles on the path to freedom nowhere we come across people giving up on their demands. Many have sacrificed their lives to realize one dream of free-Tunisia or free-Egypt. The respective autocrats have tried to suppress the popular uprising through different measures which led to bloodshed and chaos on the streets but one thing remained unchanged is people’s demand for freedom.
There have been reports on the media regarding the similar uprisings in Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Algeria and even Iran. Most of the Arab world is slowly making its way towards regime change and gaining long awaited freedom. But this cannot be summed up as an easy journey leading to success. Along came a lot of casualties and each country bore the brunt bravely. ‘No gains without pains’ has proved true as common masses suffered the pain of losing their loved ones to gain freedom.
If we go back to the roots of this revolution then there is one boy named Mohamed Bouazizi, the fruit vendor whose death is perhaps the reason behind Tunisian uprising. This boy’s voice went unheard by the authorities when he tried to complain against the corruption that did not allow him to earn his living. The video of Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself ablaze added fuel to the fire. This humdrum fruit vendor living a nondescript life has started a massive wave and chain reaction is still going on.
What seemed like a tough road to tread on for the Egyptians has turned out to be even hundred times tougher for Libyans. Libya is going through the worst of times as their ruler Gaddafi is not ready to yield to the demands of the people. There have been massive casualties as he ordered gunfire and execution of anyone that protests against the state. His act has been condemned as genocide by the International Human Rights Watch. In his address he said, “I am not going to leave Libya. It is my country.” What kind of ruler is he who loves Libya and hates Libyans ? How could one feel differently for one’s country and countrymen? The awakening of the Arab world also stands as a testimony to the weird and wicked ways of the autocrats to suppress the uprisings.
The unrest in the Arab world is affecting the world business and result is soaring oil prices. Majority of the oil comes from this region and the countries around the world are adversely affected with the rise in oil prices. The international community is concerned about the events happening in this part of the world and some countries are even raising their voice to support the people in general.
Each individual living in any part of the world has right to decide and democratically elect their President. In this age of modern day technology everybody needs equal opportunities to grow and succeed. Anyone who denies these basic rights has no right to be a ruler. The sooner such a leader comes out of power the better it is for everyone. There are media reports on huge demonstrations held in Egypt, Yemen and Iraq. “We want a good life like human beings, not like animals” said Khalil Ibrahim, 44, one of about 3,000 protesters in Baghdad.
After a long walk towards freedom Arab world must realize that their struggles are not going to end here -rather revolution 2011 marks the beginning of yet another journey on a road leading towards reconstruction and restoration of peace and prosperity.

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