Half the Sky

Though a non fiction ‘Half the sky’ is no less than any of best collection of short fiction stories. It gives a brilliant insight into some of the serious concerns about women around the world.

Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn have provided a vivid picture of plight of sex workers and raised a serious concern on the issues of human trafficking especially of girls in some parts of the world, violence against women, health issues and more. Primarily it is a reflection on lives and challenges faced by women in different parts of the world.

In between the lines we find some very bold question which need to be addressed soon. The organisations around the world are trying to overcome these problems but there is a lot to be done.What makes it more interesting is account of real characters who despite all odds try to overcome the situations they are caught in. Never have we come across the human spirit ready to fight for what one believes in.

For people like me who never got a chance to travel so much. It is like a journey through the underdeveloped world. A walk through the remote areas in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia and getting first hand experience of challenges faced by women in the particular part of the world. It is an insight to the unknown and unheard of ever before.

The accounts of the adverse conditions faced by women leaves the reader shocked. You feel so fortunate for being born in a different part of world. Our heart goes out for all those volunteers who are contributing their best to help these women. It seems like a drop in the ocean.  Whatever it is it is at least something and certainly no less than a ray of hope in darkness.

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