Japanese : Test of time

Japan is going through worst of the times as the country has been adversely effected by trio-Earthquake, Tsunami and Fear of Nuclear meltdown. It is perhaps the biggest test of time as  natural disaster of this scale has never been heard of before or expected ever. After a week of this atrocity there have 17000 people dead or missing as per the records.

A situation which could easily lead to a general panic have been stoically faced by the Japanese people. In his blog CNN’s Jack Cafferty has raised an interesting point to ponder on “why there is no looting In Japan?” A part of this has been already explained by him as popularity of Buddhism and shinto religions.

The  core values of Buddhism stress on faith. It is the most fundamental for attainment of Buddhahood. The situations like these are real testing times for  faith. The mystic law governs everything in life. Nothing is permanent and as autumn leads to winter so does life changes. I believe that this is the governing principle of living. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons that the people are not complaining and conforming themselves to the present set of circumstances.

Another reason might be a sense of shock and disbelief on what has happened. A country that is on high earthquake zone and here people are generally prepared for situations like these. But this time it seems like nature’s  horrendous  wrath on the people that leaves us nothing to complaint against. When we come across worst of the worst then in a way we console ourselves and see ourselves merely as a speck in front of the powerful force of nature.

When natural disasters occur it is very easy to lose control and indulge in the creating panic. The amount of the havoc caused by the disaster gets multiplied with panic among the people. The way Japanese are dealing with one disaster after another is an example for rest of the world to follow in case of such adversity.

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