Women’s day: Education, Equality and Expression

Women’s day, a day for celebration of womanhood. How many women around the world  really celebrate being a woman? Most women in the developing world are content with celebration of being a daughter, wife, sister or mother. This is , perhaps, their definition of being a woman. We live in a world of Facebook and Twitter where these modern media add a load of information each second. This 24×7 access to communication has changed our lives in many ways.

The revolution in information and technology has led to remarkable flow of ideas. As a result people around the world have a quicker and faster access to communication. Indeed the knowledge- curve has shown a rise over past two decades. It is a proven fact  that knowledge is power.  A significant  rise in the knowledge level of modern generation has been observed around the world.

Modern women have become more informed and more knowledgeable than ever before.  This change in level of knowledge can be taken as general measure of improvement in their status. Along with we come across a wide knowledge gap between women of developed and developing world.

What makes a woman accomplished ? Among many factors the most significant are education, equality and expression. To realize the future goals of women empowerment it is important to provide education, equal opportunities to work and freedom to express themselves.

Education, the basic right for all individuals is denied to women in many parts of the world. The incidents of bombing of girls’ schools and colleges in some Islamic nations are not alien to us. A key to character building and leading to a strong personality is still denied to many girls.

Mere education won’t do everything as long as there are no equal opportunities for work.  It  interesting to note how many nations provide this equality- equal rights to work, equal rights to make money, equal rights for growth and promotion. Statistics have revealed that there are very few nations which have been successful in providing equality. Leaving some of the Scandinavian countries there are hardly any other countries where we can see a general sense of equality. Even the most powerful nation like USA has yet to come up with a woman President.

Man and woman both constitute to form a society. For growth of any society it is important that women enjoy equal opportunities.   As long as these basic rights are denied to them they won’t be able to perform their role well. It is important to realize the goal of equal representation in the areas of public administration and governance.  It will resolve many problems and will lead to a faster growth.

Freedom to express oneself is another equally important factor. It is not for nothing that we have recently seen mass uprisings in the Arab world. People who were living decent lives so far have also participated in these protests. The sole reason for their participation was lack of free expression. Despite all the comforts and luxuries if one is denied freedom to speak then it becomes difficult to live. The case is even worse for Arab women as they have not much of say in the matters of state. This becomes all the more important for women around the globe to raise their voice against all odds, especially in the countries where the rate of crime against women is high. It is necessary to preserve women’s right to free speech.

Therefore for a bright future attention needs to be paid to the women issues. As far as possible all nations should focus on the three key factors- Education, Equality and Expression for women. To most of us it seems like as if it is already there but believe me there is lot more to be done. On this women’day let us pledge  to make a sincere effort in this direction.

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