Facebook profile or a mere fashion statement !!!!

Ever since Facebook has evolved we have come across so many profiles of  people around the world trying to connect and network. The main motive of this site was to provide a social networking platform. Till now this is perhaps the most widely used social networking site along with twitter. Recent happenings in the Arab world has also been a testimony to the power and impact of the new modern media .

No doubt, they have brought the virtual world so much closer than ever before. The fact  remains that it is  more of  virtual and nothing like the real world. In case of the latter this has led to some gaps as well. Most people like to communicate more through these media rather than face to face. The impact of direct personal interaction is altogether different.

In some parts of the world being on the Facebook is like being fashionable. People have created their profiles just because it is in thing. And they don’t want to lag behind. Many home makers who have nothing much to do at home wile away their time on Facebook. They are not adding any new connections or expanding their network. Rather it is the same set of people they meet up with otherwise every once in a week or so. I fail to understand why they need to network virtually.

Your profile  is more like a personal branding and it is part of the package that is you. More like a rage of the age and a style statement. No one wants to lag behind. Friends competing with each other  for the best photographs and wall posts.  It has become like a journal on your day to day socializing, travels and other activities. Even  men and women going to mid life crisis are trying to present themselves as young as ever.

Some housewives who otherwise are bored with the same routine have a vent out. Here they do things virtually. All that they can not do in real.  For some Facebook could be easily hailed as their savoir from their otherwise dull and predictable life. Here it is like a sneak peak into lives of other people. Some have added so many friends for the heck of it. As such many of these are not really their friends.

All this facebooking  has raised challenges in meeting peer pressure. Everyone is trying hard each day to add something new to one’s profile. Adding new friends, new pictures and new wall post to out do the others.  This phenomenon like many others is there to be used as a facility and not merely a  fashion statement. Used wisely it could open doors to new world of knowledge and wisdom.  Above all a better social network which is important to all of us social beings.

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