To my son

Motherhood is one of the most amazing feeling. It is something I wrote for my son who is five months now. It was written on 25 November,2011 but never got a chance to upload. For me it has been the best thing that could have happened to me. It is a lovely feeling and he inspires me in so many ways. It is hard to explain but it is true. So this one is for him .

Every morning comes with a hope
Gives us courage to never say nope
Each day is a possibility
To realize our hidden ability
Though the night seems dark and long
Always remember morning will come along
Nothing is permanent
Enjoy the moment to full extent
Summer is beautiful and green
All the scenes and sights are worth to be seen
Soon the green will give birth to red, orange and yellow
There is so much to feel mellow
This is the moment to savor
All is going to change but not forever
There seems no end to cold winter night
It is not anymore to heart’s delight
Don’t forget this too shall pass
All the barren trees will be green like grass
Once again heart will sing with joy
Everything has its own charm, oh! boy .


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  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing

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