New year or New morning- what difference does it make !!!!!

Brand new, such  an amazing feel one gets with the word new. Here it is we are at the beginning of 2012. Just like a new born baby, gives such a nice feel. A time of resolutions and to make fresh start once again on a clean slate .

It is so important to take time off and recollect all that is found  as well as lost during the course of a time. Imagine what it would be like if we keep on running the rat race without pausing anywhere. What if there is no transition from dawn to dusk, spring to summer or even fall to winter. What a homogenous world it will be. The same time period going on forever. I believe it is nature’s way of saying—‘wait, think and plan’. Nothing like a planned thing. Obviously, everything works out better but sometimes it does not work as planned. Even then it is one step ahead of where we were before.

The time of the year has arrived again to retrospect and inspect for the future. As always we tend to focus more on what is missing and less on what has been accomplished. Even the worst of the years have something of relevance for us. Try hard to think but I could only see that through those experiences I have learned more.  Oprah said “when you know, you do better”  in her lifeclass.

Anyways, not to delve too deep into the lavity and gravity of the things. Why do we need to wait for the new year to make resolutions. Each morning presents a hope and an opportunity to start afresh. December is as good a month to start afresh as January.

The best time to make resolution is morning. Everyday is a new day and a new beginning. It is different than yesterday and more alive than tomorrow. What matters most is now.

Here is my day beginning with a new resolution to write more and share more. It is such a liberating and amazing feel to do something new each morning. I like to remind myself and all of you there that if we want to do something then time is now and place is here. Then we all know that there are No limits ! No limits.


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