Green summer vs White winter !!!!

On a low cast gloomy day of winter our heart longs to see sunshine and summer greenery around. The mere idea gives us the comfort and convenience of being outdoors.  We all try to make hay while sunshine. The warmer climate has more tendency to add genuine warmth and positive vibe to a day. But we all know that good things don’t last for long. Here in North America summers are short yet it is the best time of the year.

Each day is exclusive and it comes only once in a year. It  is so fortunate for us to go through the weather transitions each year. Nature’s way of saying life changes, grows and take a different form from what it was before.

Imagine a year that does not go through different seasons–spring, summer, fall and winter. Each one has its own charm and beauty.  Same season throughout the year will be homogeneous. How will we realize the difference between pleasant spring, warm summer, colorful fall and cold winter.

The green in summer is so fresh and alive. It makes us go ahead with our plans on anything. So much to look forward to and is all about outdoors. Going out is so much fun and a lot easier. It is like long awaited sweet treat after a boring dinner. It looks so amazing and lovely. This is where I go for my daily walk and for me it is the best place to refresh my mind. The pictures were taken during the summer.

Now it is winter and the scene has changed altogether and you wonder ‘was this the same place I used to come for walk’. It takes an extra effort to go out as you need to bundle up and pack yourself before you leave the indoors. Then tread on the same road that may be slippery too. Finally you reach there.

Wow , it is an equally amazing sight to see. In some other parts of the world people travel and cover long distances to see the snow. Here it took exactly  five minutes walk to reach  the spot. Isn’t it amazing so pristine and white. Again it is only now we can see it because it will be gone too. I am glad that I took the effort to move out otherwise I would have missed so much.

Chirping sparrows

I remember these birds  were there in summer too and now in winter they looked even more alive. It was as if they were giving me a message to embrace each day as it is  and remember this too is not going to last long.


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