An eternal couple- Samosa and Chai

I don’t know when and where

Or how exactly it started

But it truly is the best marriage

Together they are the best


Over an endless number of times

I had them and yet

Each time experience is different

How could I imagine my life

Without them


Not just the days but the moments

The thoughts shared and ideas exchanged

Discussions and meetings

Plans to follow and news

From around the world


Laughs and grudges

I have complaints

Or some compliments

Almost the time

To run back


Such a delight

To spend a few minutes

With the couple

Unwind and be ready

To grind again


God bless them

As they never fail

To do their duty

Take me back to the time

The words for words


Definitely learned a lot

While having them

How could I not thank you

For being in my life






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