Ignore inexperienced Mr. Know all

It is about all those people who have a little knowledge that truly is dangerous. Most of us come across these Mr. Know alls who probably know nothing . The emptier the vessel of their experience the bigger noise they make.
The best way to define them is that they are extremely curious and want to know about anything and everything. Even if that knowledge could probably be of no use to them yet they waste their time on it.
Cooking is one of my hobbies and it is my outlet. Close friends and family know about it. They have always been very appreciative. There are people who have rich experience in this field but they never advice me on anything. They will certainly help me if I need it otherwise they stay out of it. Honestly kitchen is my domain and I love to put ‘do not disturb'(if I get a chance to do so)
One can not be lucky all the time. There are times when I do get disturbed. The most annoying is when you get advice from someone who has never cooked at all.
Trust me it is so easy to judge if someone is lying. Especially after that show on Anderson live where a woman who wrote a book on how to detect liars, it has become a lot easier.
The best way to identify them is they will hyperbole and add words like always or mostly in their sentences. Along with you will find a lot of non verbal signs to read.
The point is that the Mr. Know alls are the biggest waste of time. It is really important to ignore them. Trust your own knowledge and skills. And never let anybody else takeover with their too little knowledge.


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